Faster Times Review

October 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

The Faster Times, a new website run by a group of former print journalists, posted a review of Gangs today. The reviewer, Meaghan Winter, begins the review by describing reactions to the cover as she read it in a cafe and on the subway:

“Smartly dressed white women eyed the outfacing spine and asked me what I was reading. When I showed them the cover, they both gasped, both insisting that there are no gangs in Garden City. And there aren’t. Garland, and presumably Nation Books’ marketing team, observes that most Americans consider gangs a problem for somebody else—somebody poorer and darker and maybe from that town, definitely from that city, over there. By the end of Garland’s book, however, gangs are an American problem.”

She concludes: “Reading Gangs In Garden City should be required of anybody who thinks his mind is made up, anybody who considers himself a Long Islander, a New Yorker, an American, because it’s not often we’re offered the chance to learn so much about our neighbors.”

If you click on the review (which has some criticisms, too), be sure to surf around the website – looks like an interesting project.

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